Empower Primary Care

  • Unleashing the value of chest X-ray where certified radiologists are not available
  • Improve the coordination of medical imaging services in the tiered-medical network
  • Facilitate poverty reduction
  • Regional TB screening and telemedicine
  • Whole process management of TB patients’ information

TB Active Screening

AI-enabled TB Active Screening

  • Enhance quality and efficiency. Reduce cost.
  • Instantaneous, real-time, accurate.
  • Whole process management of TB patients’ information

Internet mode

  • Users from all over the world can upload image data directly through the web and get AI screening services
  • Suitable for primary care and ordinary users.

In May, 2019, active TB screening was carried out in 23 high TB incidence villages and towns in Zhejiang Province. JF Healthcare’s AI TB screening system significantly increased both the efficiency and quality of care.

Workstation and regional network mode

  • Regionally, or even nationally-integrated TB screening platforms can be established by JF’s smart workstations which are interconnected to form a network. AI algorithms assist physicians in primary care hospitals to identify TB patients quickly. Suspected patients are referred to locally designated TB specialty hospitals for further examination and reported to the local CDC. Both efficiency and coordination of the TB control network is improved.
  • Suitable for primary care and medical community network.

In 2018, JF Healthcare’s AI TB screening platform based on smart workstations was introduced to the county of Luodian, Guizhou province. A county-township integrated TB chest X-ray imaging network powered by JF’s AI was then established to promote the coordination of a tired-medical service system.

Cloud computing service mode

Public cloud deployment

  • Users access the AI service deployed in the public cloud through the PACS interface.
  • Suitable for hospitals with PACS which can be connected with the Internet

Private cloud deployment

  • Users access the AI service in the private cloud in the hospital through the PACS interface.
  • Suitable for hospital or regional medical consortium LAN deployment to ensure data security

One-stop mobile intelligent screening mode

  • The mobile solution integrates AI and high-speed internet using 4G/5G technology, which can quickly return the screening results once the image taken by the DR device installed in a mobile van.
  • This mobile screening van allows access to JF’s technology for remote areas and specific locations such as schools, mines and prisons to carry out large-scale TB screening in hot-spot areas.

In July 2019, both physical examination and TB screening were offered to villagers via the JF mobile van in the city of Zaozhuang, Shandong province. This is the first pilot of an "AI+ Internet mobile hospital" in China, which is promising to address the "last mile" challenge in TB screening.