Our Mission
JF Healthcare supports primary care with advanced world-class AI, telemedicine and other technologies to enable accountable, assessible, and affordable diagnostic services at primary care levels, targeting health challgenges of 4 billion underserviced population globally.
Our Vision
Impact the billions of underserved patients worldwide – under limited resources, offering them world-class quality technology & services, at lowest cost.
Our Value
Benevolent people care for others thru non-stop innovation and continuous progress


  • Nov JF CXR-Felson (CXR AI Automatic Reporting System) debut captured massive attention at RSNA 2020
  • Nov Completed strategic financing with V Star Capital
  • Oct JF CXR-1 (TB AI Screening System) enters WHO new technology evaluation as announced in “Global TB Report 2020”
  • Oct JF Healthcare presented the most recent AI R&D on TB CAD at The 51st Union World Conference on Lung Health
  • Jul JF CXR-1 (TB AI Screening System) and JF CXR-QC (CXR AI Quality Control System) entered TB medical imaging screening and quality control development and construction project of Tibet, the largest project in China so far using AI for TB screening
  • Jul JF CXR-1 (TB AI Screening System) entered the mobile DR+AI medical vehicle project of Guangdong Province
  • Jun JF CXR-1 (TB AI Screening System) entered the Disease Control Information Management System development and construction project of Henan Province
  • Jun The Chairperson – Mr. Frank Wu was awarded the nationwide “Outstanding Anti-tuberculosis Worker"
  • Mar JF AI products targeting COVID-19 detection and monitoring were selected into the "Recommended Catalogue of AI-based New Technologies, New Products and New Services in COVID-19 Control and Prevention"
  • Jan JF mobile DR+AI medical vehicle facilitating COVID-19 screening in rural villages was on CCTV news
  • Oct Aroused widespread attention at 22nd MICCAI and 50th UNION World Conference on Lung
  • Sept Selected as a member of IATB; IATB launched China’s first “Internet+ Mobile Intelligent TB Hospital” equipped with JF’s AI system
  • Sept, Launched the AI mobile van solution at the 4th China-Arab States Expo
  • Aug Awarded “2019 Integrity Model Enterprise of the Big Health Industry" and "2019 Top 10 Leaders of the Big Health Industry" by China Academy of Management Science
  • Jul Topped Stanford's CheXpert leaderboard; the first and only AI algorithm outperformed all three radiologists on the test set
  • Jul Invited presentation at the 2nd Conference of Medical and Health Sciences – “The 4th Industry Revolution and Healthcare”, Raman University, Malaysia
  • Jun Invited presentation at the 4th Central Asian Conference on Tuberculosis Control, Nursultan, Kazakhstan
  • Jun Listed in the "National Brand Project" by Xinhua News Agency
  • Apr Closed a major financing round led by GreyBird Ventures as this capital’s first investment project in the Asia-Pacific region
  • Apr Listed in the "Frontier Achievements of Science and Technology, 2019" by the Chinese Association of Science and Technology
  • Apr Visited by ZHAO Lejie, the Standing Committee Member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the Discipline Commission of the CPC Central Committee
  • Mar Listed as National Hi-Tech Enterprise
  • Dec Signed a Cooperation Agreement with Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Association to co-establish the national TB big data platform
  • Dec The demonstration project of "Poverty Alleviation thru TB Reduction" in Zhangjiakou highly appraised by the National Health Commission
  • Oct Received CFDA clearance (Class II)
  • Aug Topped Stanford's MURA leaderboard
  • May Evaluated by the Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Association as high consistency AI reading algorithm for TB on CXR with human radiologist experts
  • Feb Received copyright certificate of multiple intellectual properties
  • Jan Published the first medical AI enterprise standard in China
  • Oct Launched medical imaging AI R&D Center in Nanjing
  • Jun "Yuanzhou Model" of empowering primary care highly appraised by Jiangxi Provincial Government
  • May Certified as "National Demonstration Base of Telemedicine" by China Association of Medical Equipment
  • Jan Launched operation center in Nanchang High-tech Zone
  • Dec Launched the model of empowering primary care
  • Dec Certified as an Academician Workstation of Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Apr Established Nanchang Medical Imaging Research Institute with the Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Dec Received governmental grant for technology transformation
  • Aug Launched cloud-based teleradiology platform
  • May Founded and registered in Nanchang

Partners and Collaborators

  • GreyBird Ventures
  • Chinese Academy of Sciences
  • Chinese Academy of Engineering
  • Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences
  • The Chinese Anti-Tuberculosis Association
  • State Information Center
  • 新華社民族品牌工程
  • National Clinical Research Center for Digestive Diseases
  • Nanjing Drum Tower Hospital
  • 南昌大學第一附屬醫院
  • Zhejiang University
  • Northwestern Polytechnic University


  • In Dec 2016, the “Academician Workstation of Chinese Academy of Engineering” was approved to be set up in JF Health, and Prof. FAN Daiming, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is the Head of the Academician Workstation.

  • The Institute is jointly established by the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Science and Technology Department of Jiangxi Province, the Nanchang Municipal Government and the Hi-Tech Zone Management Committee. JF Healthcare is the legal entity of the institute.

  • In May 2017, JF Healthcare was awarded the “National Telemedicine Demonstration Base” by the China Medical Equipment Association.